You’re Next – Raw Review

You’re Next Scores Big!

This movie was better, much better than it had any right to be. Usually hack n’  slash films follow a standard formula: 
1) Setting is remote, making multiple murder easier. Check!

2) The movie opens with a random murder. Check!
3) The hero/heroine are lovers, married, involved, etc. Check!
4) The murder(s) use completely inefficient and/or complicated weapons/methods to kill the victims. Check!

Okay, so the movie is not original, has standard slasher tropes, is cast with no name actors (mostly), and had little to no publicity until it showed up on Netflix. Whats the deal? Why is it so good?
The movie is good because it’s not overly formulaic. It certainly seems that way in the beginning but quickly turns out to be a well put together thriller with a hero/heroine that is anything but a pushover. 
And the soundtrack… Oh the soundtrack is great. It serves to kick the movie up a notch higher in quality much like this soundtrack did.

Good date movie?

Sure, if your date enjoys thrillers and/or slasher films with strong female characters.

Didn’t you just say it was formulaic?

No, I said it’s…well yes…it starts off… NO! No it’s only formulaic for a little while then it gets good! 

What’s so great about the soundtrack?

Think John Carpenter. Very mood worthy and simple, but it works. 

Where can I see it?

Netflix streaming, Amazon, etc. 
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