Wolfcop (2014) – Raw Review

Homage to the B-Movies of Old, Wolfcop is a wild ride.

Werewolf horror film where a police officer uses his lycanthropy to fight crime.
Every now and again a horror movie captures perfectly the magic and memory of cheap, low budget 80s horror. Many more capture the flavor, camp and low budget qualities but forget to throw in a good dash of story. 

Wolfcop falls somewhere in between, bringing a delightful mix of uber camp, awesome low quality special effects and passable acting. Essentially a drunk and ineffective deputy sheriff named Lou Garou (nice play on words there) ends up with lycanthropy and has to harness his powers of slaughter for the greater good. 

Horror movie police Amy Matysio Leo Fafard
The film is essentially Teen Wolf (Michael J. Fox version obviously) with all the blood, swearing, sex and mayhem we wanted but didn’t get thirty years ago. 

Wolfcop rips off the face of a drug dealer scaring everyone else with the bloody mess.
The acting isn’t horrible, although the screenplay misses a few opportunities to ratchet up the humor. The special effects are old school blood and latex which scores major points. The storyline…? There is one and it works, sort of. 

What makes this movie stand out from the crowd is the decision to go where few movies have gone. It takes us into full blown Porky’s, Animal House, Reanimator, Basket Case II territory. Not once but twice! It’s a nice surprise that kicks the movie up a notch from campy O.K. to campy fun. 

Fans of Monster Squad are well aware that Wolfman has nards and Wolf-dork but not until now do we get an opportunity to see it in action. 

Wolfcop modeling before the infamous sex scene showing us his wolf dork

You referance Teen Wolf and Monster Squad, is Wolfcop really deserving of the association?

Were this released somewhere around 1988 it would be a cult classic by now. This movie is like a $10 bottle of wine. It won’t get better as it ages but it will always get you drunk. 

You mentioned wolf-dork, does that mean there is sex?

Showing wolf-dork wouldn’t be very funny if it just hung around and mooched from the craft service table.

Good date movie? 

Yeah it works. There is enough silliness and over the top debauchery to make it a fun couch and snuggle film.

Anything else I need to know?

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