Valhalla Rising

So you like viking films eh? Well your either gonna love this or hate it. It seems this film was made on the assumption that visuals are more important that dialogue and story.

Set in 1000 A.D. it follows the exploits of a slave warrior who routinely slays others at the behest of his captures for the purpose of making money.

The atmosphere and feeling of the film are tremendous. There is very little, I mean very little dialogue in the movie so if your the kind of viewer who needs to be told exactly what is happening at all times then don’t park your moped here. However, if you enjoy blood, guts, and Mads Mikkelson with one eye and no shirt on then this is going to be right down your alley.

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: Yeah its not bad but if you have ADHD then forgetaboutit.

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Ahahahahaha

Q: Is there nudity in the film?
A: Why did I even ask that question? Naked Vikings? Why would anyone want to see that?

Q: Where did you see it?
A: Netflix instant view. I think its also been playing on Stars and Epix.

Q: Should I see this film?
A: It certainly has great cinematography and some great acting but for those of you who like mindless movies (see Dinner for Schmucks) its going to be a big bore.

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