Top Five John Carpenter Films

 Top five John Carpenter films?

  1.  Possibly the best sci-fi horror movie ever made, The Thing is truly a masterpiece of suspense. The special effects are some of the best ever seen on film; combined with excellent performances from Kurt Russell, Wilford Brimley, and Keith David this movie is timeless. 
  2. A close runner up, Prince of Darkness is a creepy science/religious thriller that doesn’t disappoint. What if the fate of humanity were left in the hands grad students? What if Alice Cooper was leading an army of transients, intent on keeping you looked inside a building with the son of Satan? What if Satan and God weren’t living in the clouds, but in another dimension? What if? What if? What if? Love this movie. 
  3. Ah, The Fog. A slow burn creep-fest and wonderful example of how practical effects can be used to create amazing visuals. Anyone see the remake? Notice how they used CGI to create the fog? May have been cheaper and easier, but it looked like shit. Carpenter didn’t have the luxury of CGI back in the day and his film turned out far better than many contemporary movies in the same genre. Adrienne Barbeau , Jamie Lee Curtis, what’s not to like? Did I mention the soundtrack is awesome!
  4.  Whats not to like about the ‘Godfather’ of all slasher films. The atmosphere of this film is so thick with tension and well paced it can be watched over and over again. The Shape is a formidable threat to everyone in the film – men, women, dogs, kids. The decision to make him a composite of evil as apposed to a well understood and clearly motivated villain is genius, absolute genius. He’s evil, that’s all we know, that’s all we need to know. 
  5.  Tough decision on this one. I wanted to include Big Trouble in Little China but in the end Escape From New York won out the fifth spot. The deciding factors came down to the scope of the film and the soundtrack. Escape is a much larger movie in concept and execution, details a dystopian world that is intriguing and compelling, and has a sound track that perfectly compliments the setting. 
What do think of the list? Any changes you’d make? Let us know!

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