The Brood – A Delicious Byproduct of Canadian Tax Loopholes

body horror masterpiece that will make you cringe

Canuxploitation – Canuxploitation is a film genre that encompasses B-movies made in Canada, especially those produced throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s to take advantage of government tax incentives. Seriously, this is an actual thing. And yes, Canada does exist. I mention this because this film falls into this category and it makes this post sound informative and well researched.

Well whatever, The Brood is one messed up psychological thriller. David Cronenberg is well known for writing and directing some strange films, and The Brood is no exception. Try to imagine a film containing elements of child abuse, body horror, child abduction, and medical malfeasance. Now imagine that film is released in 1979. Loco, muy loco.

Not born in 1979? In ye old days parents didn’t abuse their children. They used corporal punishment. Children weren’t abducted. They were just late for dinner. Doctors didn’t break the law. There weren’t too many laws to begin with anyway. So it’s obvious this film turned some heads back in the day, but I’d argue the film is still quite shocking, horrific, and very good. It has a certain raw appeal that so many films from the late 70s-80s era still have to this day.
Starring Oliver Reed (you youngins know him as Proximo from Gladiator) Samantha Eggar (who does a voice on Metalocalypse if you can believe that), and Art Hindle (of Porky’s fame, and costar to Chuck Norris in The Octagon); this is a disturbing horror movie that will appeal to most fans of the genre.
Q: Is there really child abuse?
A: Implied. Other than the standard “child in danger” trope there isn’t any actual scenes of a child being beaten.
Q: Child abduction?
A: Oh yeah, but it’s critical to the plot.
Q: Why is it so disturbing?
A: No spoilers. It’s one of those that’s better to see blind. Although there is a scene in a classroom that is extremely disturbing. Not terribly graphic, just really well done.
Q: Good date movie?
A: Um…sure. But I do need to ask, why are you only taking dates to see horror movies?
Q: Is this ok for kids?
A: Probably, but not recommended. There is nudity, not sexualized mind you, but it’s there nonetheless.
Q: Do you recommend it?
A: Absolutely.

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