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The Mummy (2017) – Trailer

As many of you are aware (or not aware), I have little problem with studios remaking, rebooting, reviving or re-imagining existing IPs. The problem I have is that too often they are either disjointed, poorly written or simply fail to conjure the essence of what made the original so noteworthy. Mix that with the annoying Hollywood habit of showing far too much of a film in the trailers and my response is lackluster at best. (Wanna see a well made trailer? Click here)

Today a new trailer for Universal’s newest attempt at The Mummy dropped. Needless to say it looks like a the standard summer tent-pole film. Big name actor, lots and lots of CG and a trailer that gives away so much of the story that you could probably show up thirty minutes late to the theater and still have little difficulty picking up the plot.

Still… I’m cautiously optimistic about this one due to the fact that I really want to see Universal’s monster-verse work. Casting Sofia Boutella as the Mummy is also a really cool idea. Take a gander at the trailer and let me know what you think.

Universal Shared that Universal Monsters to Have Shared Universe?

Fangoria is reporting that THR reported that Alex Kurtzman will direct The Mummy as the first movie in the Universal Monsters shared universe? 

So everyone is making their own shared movie universe eh?