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Remaking ‘The Blob’ Isn’t The Worst Idea

So they are remaking The Blob…Again…

This isn’t the worst idea to come out of Hollywood considering they are remake happy most of the time. Hell even Rob Zombie was working on a remake up until a few years ago.
What’s nice is The Blob lends itself well the periodic updates and it’s been nearly 30 years since the Chuck Russell update, which I’ve said before is one of the best movie remakes of all time.
The big question now is just how well Simon West will pull off and update to a classic monster movie. He’s known for making fun, action packed movies that are usually somewhere between O..K.. and BlahTo compound concern, it’s not clear who penned the current iteration of the screenplay, and that lack of information probably means a lot of hands have had at the script. Adding Samuel Jackson to the cast is a step in the right direction but even the best actor can struggle if the direction, screenplay and editing aren’t up to snuff.
In the end it really doesn’t matter. The 1958 version will forever be a classic. The 1988 version still holds up as a strong and action infused update. The 2016 version will probably be fun if nothing else, and what can you expect from a movie titled THE BLOB!