Dinner for Schmucks

Comedy and Violence are great, but this movie isn’t.

The real title of this film should be – ‘If you paid money to see this film, money that could have been used to buy dinner, then you are a schmuck.’

Q: Is it a good movie?
A: Hell to the no.

Q: Is there nudity?
A: Nope. Probably wouldn’t have help though.

Q: Is it a good date movie?
A: Not if you’re trying to get laid.

Q: Should I be under the influence when I see this?
A: That’s probably the only way you’ll get through it.

Q: Whats it about?
A: Its about an hour too long. The opening sequence and the closing sequence are the only two parts worth watching.

Q: Theater, Rental, or Cable?
A: Its not in theaters anymore (I can’t imagine paying 12 dollars to see this) and if you rent it your still shelling out money that can be better spent doing just about anything so I’m going with, cable.

Q: What the hell!? I liked this movie, why are you trashing it?
A: Because I like Steve Carell and Paul Rudd and this film is beneath them both.