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Sinister (2012) – Raw Review

Sinister Is One Helluva Horror Movie How Sinister made it past me for so long will forever be a mystery. Fortunately the film didn’t evade me forever and earlier this weekend I was able to sit down and take a peek.   Horror movies provide different experiences for everyone. I’ve sat through viewings of The […]

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Not Just A New Western, A New Western About Cannibals!

Bone Tomahawk It’s a sad but true fact Hollywood doesn’t make many westerns nowadays. As one of the least profitable genres it just doesn’t makes sense in today’s culture of fast cars, big explosions, and high-tech gadgetry. Well guess what… not only are we getting a new western but it has cannibals! Kurt Russell is […]

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Our Favorite WereWolves Are Back!

Horrornews.net has ths scoop on the new Blu-ray Collector’s Edition of Dog Soldiers.   Blu-ray Collector’s Editions are a dime a dozen nowadays, but considering Dog Soldiers is our favorite Werewolf movie we can’t help but get excited over the release of this new Blu-ray. It will reportedly have a new 2k scan HD transfer, […]

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Insectula! (2015) – Raw Review

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Insectula! is the first film from writer/director Mike Peterson. Intended to be a parody/satire of 1950s/60s monster movies, it’s campiness and extremely low-budget spectacle is sure draw a large cult following. Spoofs , satires and parodies of classic monster tropes, films and styles are in high demand nowadays. Monster movies from the 50s/60s are very […]

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