All Cheerleaders Die

Sex, Drugs and Supernatural Slice and Dice!

I’m trying the think of a really good way to encapsulate the plot of All Cheerleaders Die. Ya know the standard “It’s X meets Y for the new generation” pitch that so many writers and agents built their careers on. The best I can think of is something along the lines of…

“A cross between Heathers, The Craft, Bring It On and  Dead Girl.”

I hate to say too much because there are several turns and a couple twists that work much better if you go into the film blind. Just know the film does a great job blending standard high school tropes with blood, death, and a dash of the supernatural.

One final note… good horror films provide well timed comic breaks for the audience. It’s necessary to allow people a chance to catch their breath, collect themselves, and above all smile. All Cheerleaders Die is able to do this exceptionally well through the use of it’s soundtrack. What is otherwise a fairly grim film becomes a genre blending dark comedy due to some well placed and eclectic choices in music. The movie also benefits largely from some terrific acting by the main antagonist.

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Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Not sure why this question keeps coming up. I’d say yes for the casual date, or definitely if you’ve finally decided to ask out your best friend whom you’ve had a crush on for years and knows all about your obsession with John Hughes and George Romero.

Q: Dead Girl? How is it similar!?
A: Take a guess…

Q: Do all the cheerleaders really die?
A: Yes and no. Sort of.

Q: Where?

A: Netflix.

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