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Looks Like Rob Zombie’s New Film 31 Will Be NC-17

Anyone who is a fan of Rob Zombie’s films knows they straddle the line between horror and outright torture porn. I’m not saying torture porn is a bad thing, but the more you ratchet up the violence and higher the chance a film won’t be accepted by the masses. Zombie sent out a tweet earlier in the week expressing his frustration on the matter.

Sure the theaters shouldn’t ban a film just because it has the tainted NC-17 branding, but let’s face it, when your entire industry is built on the backs of teenagers working part-time then policing the audience isn’t something theater managers want to get into. Not to mention ‘Bizarre Sexuality/Nudity.’ WTF does that mean?

Check out the images so far from 31. You can get additional info or updates from Rob Zombie’s Official Website.

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