Lizeth’s Picks – Volume 1

You get a lot of interesting responses when you ask people to name some of their favorite horror movies.

Some people enjoy horror movies for their humor or satire, others for the genuine frightfulness they invoke, still others just love watching the imagination of another person(s) run wild on the screen.
Last night my wife and I got into a discussion about horror movies and which ones we consider our favorites. She grew up watching monster movies as a child. My mother-in-law apparently forced her to watch all the scary films. My wife claims it scared her for life, something she stills teases my mother-in-law about to this day.
So here are some of her favorites and why she finds them so enjoyable:


sci-fi horror, space epic, time travel, monster and phycological mystery 
“Fun movie, that has an interesting setting. Shows how vulnerable the human mind is when put in a hopeless situation. Humans need each other, being alone can make a person snap.”

Horror slasher movie. Serial killers and survivalists. 
“The twist, that the girl is a survivalist. Seems girly but she’s badass.”

The Blob remake 1988. Sci-fi horror monster movie. 
“I like movies that leave you scared after their over. The Blob is something so empty, without reason. It doesn’t have a voice, it doesn’t have a face, it doesn’t have a shape. And it can go anywhere. It’s not killing because it’s enjoys killing, it’s eating. It’s following its instincts.”

Zombie love movie that has a beating heart. 
“I like the idea that love can be so strong it brings a zombie back to life so he can pursue his love.”

slasher serial  killer horror . Lots of teens die. 
“Suspenseful horror movie that keeps you on your toes. You never know who the killer is, every time you think you’ll figured it out you’re wrong. It makes you jump. Even though it’s a slasher movie it’s easy to watch because it’s so entertaining, Matthew Lillard is a hoot.”

Vampire gangster mash-up that is action packed, bloody as hell and down right fun. 
“I like how even though the main characters are two criminals and a Christian family, they come together to ward off evil. It shows how humans will come together no matter their differences to defeat a common enemy.”

sci-fi horror alien invasion movie, with clowns as the creepy monsters “I like it because I don’t like clowns and the clowns are creepy. They are so ugly it’s almost funny to watch them. They used clown cliques really well. The cotton candy cocoons that harvest human blood are cool and the circus tent space ship is inviting, not threatening. Everyone loves the circus so it’s the perfect trap.”
Thanks Bonita!