Stake Land

I’ve had quite a difficult time writing this review. I wanted to capture and convey not only how good this movie is but also how skilled director Jim Mickle is creating a powerful and emotional storyline, and I didn’t want to do while gushing just how damned good this movie turned out to be.

I find myself wondering how a grip/gaffer turned 3rd time director could possibly take a post-apocalyptic vampire film and capture such an unmatched raw emotional undercurrent. To give you an idea what I mean I’ll come right out and say that Stake Land does a fantastic job capturing the pain, horror, and the social deconstruction humans go through when faced with extinction and the threat of constant death. This film is grim, very grim, and ultimately that’s what takes it from a well made b-movie to a finely crafted tour de force. A solid script with a sprinkle of well selected actors can do wonders for a film, and Stake Land is no exception.

…and the opening sequence is creepy as hell.

I’m sure your wondering how it stacks up against other ‘end of the world’ films and I will tell you… Its a helluva lot better than I Am Legend, The Road (film version), and the last two Romero dead films.

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: YES. It is probably one of the best genre films to come out in the last few years. If you enjoy horror films with strong storylines and good acting

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: NO. My fiance generally enjoys the movies I make her watch, but she was not able to sit through this one. I’m telling you its grim in several places.

Q: Is there nudity in it?
A: Nada. No nudity, no sex. See it anyway pervert.

Q: Is this a vampire film?
A: All the way, although its a fresh perspective on the vampire genre and a welcome change of pace.

Q: Where can I see it?
A: I got on Bluray from Netflix. I saw it for sale at Fry’s, Best Buy.

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