So Ben Affleck can’t act but can he direct? Well it looks like he can, at least with some level of competence. I’ve always held a small amount of contempt for actors who like to star in their own movies (I think of Kevin Costner). In Affleck’s case moving into the directors chair is a good career move.

The Town is about bank robbers in Boston. It’s basically Heat done on the east coast with silly Irish-American accents. Affleck plays more-or-less the same character DeNiro played. He knows no other way to make money, wants out of the life, falls for a woman who he lies to, and ultimately gets caught in a shoot-out with the police after being betrayed. Hmm… sound familiar?

Q: Is the movie any good?
A: Suprisingly, yes it is. Strong performances by Jeremy Renner and the late great Pete Postlethwaite really help.

Q: Is it a good date movie?
A: Well since most women want to have Affleck’s love child I’d say go for it.

Q: Is there nudity in it?
A: Nope, not that I remember.

Q: Will it win any academy awards?
A: Oh probably. The Academy seems to like movies about Boston’s tough neighborhoods.

Q: Where can I see it?
A: Blu-ray, On Demand, yada yada.

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