Rawhead Rex (1986) – Raw Review

9 ft tall phallus with teeth terrorizes Irish Country side…

horror movie raw review monster 80sBefore you begin rolling your eyes I want you too know it wasn’t me that called Rex a phallus. I have to much respect for my childhood to go around bashing every monster that made me love horror movies. Rex is certainly one of those monsters.

Rawhead Rex is a fun little movie based on a short story by Clive Barker. Released in 1986, it’s about a pagan deity that is inadvertently released from its place of rest by an Irish farmer. You’re probably scratching your head at that but remember this is the British Isles were taking about. King Arthur, Stonehenge, Monty Python, Dr. Who… a lot of weird shit going on over there.

Anyway, Rex is pissed (as in angry, not taking a piss) and proceeds to kill everyone he comes across. Pretty simple concept but the movie is fun and gory, not taking itself too seriously but also not playing for laughs. The phallus remark was made by Clive Barker in an interview back in 2004, at which time he was supposedly working on a remake that never seemed to happen.

horror movie review monster Clive Barker 80s

So what’s the verdict? 

Rawhead Rex is a fun 80s horror movie. Phallus or not Rex is a formidable evil that lays waste to a small Irish village. It’s bloody, gory, and dark (in a campy 80s sort of way). I’d recommend to watch it on DVD but it’s out of print and costs a small fortune to buy. If you don’t believe me click to top picture and see what their asking for on Amazon.

Fortunately someone uploaded the full movie to YouTube. Enjoy!

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