Predator Combo Pack is Actually a Pretty Decent Deal.

Full Disclosure here:

Alien vs Predator (AVP) was a terrible movie. AVP 2 – Requiem was much better until the Predator/Alien hybrid showed up. I mean seriously, WTF? 
The first Predator is a classic, always has been and always will be. The squeals weren’t great, but still entertaining; and much better than the AVP films. 
Q: So, why the hell do you want to own them all? 
A: You probably don’t, or already do, either way this is a really good deal for all five Blu-rays. $19.99 with free shipping?

On a side note: io9 is reporting Shane Black (who played Hawkins in the original Predator film has been hired to write and direct the new one). 

4 thoughts on “Predator Combo Pack is Actually a Pretty Decent Deal.

  1. Predators had a psychotic serial killing Topher Grace! How does that not trump the ridiculous premise that 1 (one!) alien kills two predators in the first five minutes of the second act of AvP?

  2. Those were rookie Predators; the whole purpose of them being their was to bloody their spears ala the Zulu ethos. You know that. You're just finding excuses to diss a rather good Lovecraftian ambiance in addition to a nice action film.

  3. Lovecraftian ambiance? Really? What exactly about the film is Lovecraftian? Being set inside a temple in the middle of Antarctica does automatically evoke a comparison to At the Mountains of Madness.

    And I don't buy the rookie predator argument. Killing off two Predators immediately is nothing more than a forced plot point to move the story along. They did it for one or more of three reason:
    1) To establish the aliens are a major threat even though the audience knows this already (which is it's own issue, because if they are so tough to kill why do they need to bring the queen into the final scene? Why not just have 2-3 aliens survive and gang up on the Predator in the end).
    2) The writers realized that there are only 7-8 aliens and needed to even the odds a bit because given the established technology and training in the Predator mythology even a rookie Predator should be able to take down an alien in a one on one fight.
    3) They came up with what was considered a 'cool set piece' and decided to roll with it to maintain the action level, regardless of any established character/alien abilities.

    Simply put, other than making it obvious it was a right of passage (bloody spear Zulu ethos) there is nothing to imply the first two Predators are completely inept.

    It's just sloppy story telling that takes away from the movie. The movie would be much tighter if there was only one Predator that arrived. The humans are still screwed either way, but watching one Predator hunt and fight a gang of aliens would have been a much more enjoyable film. That's what they did in AvP: Requiem and it worked just fine. It is one of the reasons that film is so much better than it's predecessor.

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