Sharknado 2 – Well It Wasn’t As Bad As A Kick In The Dick

Sharknado 2 new york gets devoured
Wow! What a crazy ass movie. I mean seriously, the development executives really threw caution to the wind and decided their careers didn’t matter. Why would they?

Based on the extreme popularity of the first film the sequel is guaranteed to make a cruise liner full of cash.  Just look at how many tweets were sent using the hashtag #Sharknado2. About a gazillion. 

Look the movie is just plan fun. Special Effects aren’t great but they’re better than anything else SciFy Channel’s put out. 

Then there are the cameos. How many exactly is probably being determined by some nerd with nothing better to do on a Wednesday, but there are a lot. It’s almost like a Where’s Waldo movie if every semi-well known second and third tier actor was Waldo. Their not Waldo. I mean they could be if they had on red hats. No what I mean is…. a forget it. 

Point is – Lots of cameos. 

In the end the film earns most of it’s appeal from the passion and energy of Ian Ziering. He clearly believes in the franchise (probably because it reignited his acting career) and funnels all his talent into the movie, even when most of the other actors are clearly hamming it up. 

Summary – Yea it’s fun. Yea it’s stupid. Yea it’s got less Tara Reid than the first, which is a plus. 

Q: Seriously?
A: What??! You some kind of elitist film prick? Live a little. 

Q: Seriously????
A: I know, I know. Wife made me watch it. Okay?

This is getting out of control…

That was nice of them…

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Don’t Forget Your Popcorn. Sharknado 2 Tonight!

We are unashamed to admit we’ve been looking forward to this all year. 

Predator Combo Pack is Actually a Pretty Decent Deal.

Full Disclosure here:

Alien vs Predator (AVP) was a terrible movie. AVP 2 – Requiem was much better until the Predator/Alien hybrid showed up. I mean seriously, WTF? 
The first Predator is a classic, always has been and always will be. The squeals weren’t great, but still entertaining; and much better than the AVP films. 
Q: So, why the hell do you want to own them all? 
A: You probably don’t, or already do, either way this is a really good deal for all five Blu-rays. $19.99 with free shipping?

On a side note: io9 is reporting Shane Black (who played Hawkins in the original Predator film has been hired to write and direct the new one).