LEGO Never Fails To Be Awesome

Guardians of the Galaxy opens tonight at midnight and although you’re probably either standing in line for the show or just sick and tired of seeing new trailers, this LEGO video is guaranteed to increase your excitement ten fold. 

We must have this LEGO set now. 

Oh Sleepy Hollow How We’ve Missed You!

New Zombie Show Coming To SyFy – Z Nation

Lots and lots of zombies coming this season. 

That’s not a bad thing.

Charlie’s Farm – Kane Hodder and Tara Reid in the Same Movie?!!

Looks like a standard back woods cannibal/feral person hack n’ slash al la Wrong Turn or The Hills Have Eyes, but it’s Australian so who knows, maybe it will be decent. Kane Hodder is always fun to watch. Tara Reid not so much but maybe she dies early.

Take a look at the trailer.


Fangoria  has a bit of info on the upcoming film DEMONIC.

Produced by James Wan, Frank Grillo and Maria Bello star in the film which is about something horrible we’re sure. Yay!