Martyrs (2008)

Two girls are tortured when young, escape and find those responsible. Then they kill everyone in a bloody gore infested horror scene, then get caught and tortured again.

Tour De Force That is All At Once Brutal and Beautiful

This film is one of the most intelligent films I have seen in recent years. The beauty is dressed neatly in a suit of violence and brutality that is hard to find in most contemporary films, including many in the torture porn genre.

The premise revolves around two young girls who seek out revenge for brutal acts committed against them as children. Sound too heavy for you? Well be prepared because you’ll be shocked by how hard this film punches you in the gut. Violence is quick, bloody, and almost without reason during the first half of the film. If you stick with it into the second half your resolve will pay off in spades. The story draws in and begins to come full circle shedding light on everything previously seen in the movie.

I’m not saying you’ll have a religious experience, but what appears to be another ‘violence for the sake of violence’ film isn’t at all what you end up with. This is an incredibly existential film that will keep you thinking about it for quite a long time.

French movie about two girls tormented as children seeking revenge and violence.

Q: Is this a good film?

A: Yes, it is an extremely intelligent film. Well acted, well directed, but very violent.

Q: Is this a good date movie?

A: Negative. I’d avoid seeing this with a date unless your both philosophy majors who like to have long deep debates on the meaning of life.

Q: Is there nudity in this film?

A: Yeah a bit, but its situational not sexy.

Q: Should I let my kids watch this film?

A: I grew up watching blood and guts at an early age but I’d avoid letting the young ones see this. Not because of the violence, more because they will probably miss the meaning behind the movie.

Q: Is this film subtitled?

A: Yes, it is a French film and it does have subtitles. Don’t be so lazy!

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