Make-Out with Violence

Zombies Need Love Too

high school guy finds girl dead, tied to a tree. shes a zombie and he tries to play house. If you found the remains of your high school crush hanging out in a field what would you do? You’d take her home, feed her, wash her, dress her up and play house with her, right?

This movie suffers from what I like to call storyline schizophrenia. It can’t decide what type of movie it wants to be – zombie horror or John Hughes horror.

I actually enjoyed the relationships between the living characters better than the dead girl infatuation. In fact, if you removed the undead storyline altogether it wouldn’t hurt the movie at all.

Q: Is this a good film?
A: Eh, yes and no. If your looking for a horror film then your not going to get it.

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: If you want your date to think your deep and artistic, just be prepared for them to fall asleep.

Q: Is there nudity in this movie?
A: None whatsoever. Its an indie film about 17 year old kids sorrow, not a shallow tits and ass film! (insert sarcasm where applicable)

Q: Is this another necrophilia themed movie? (see my Dead Girl review)
A: Nope, this is closer to Wes Craven’s 1986 horror film Deadly Friend – subtract the horror and add a lot of teen melodrama.

Q: Is this a zombie film?
A: Well there is a zombie in the film, does that count?

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