Home Sweet Why The Hell Did They Make This Movie

Home Sweet Hell has a lot of great actors, blood and mayhem. Unfortunately it suffers from a deplorable lack of story, complexity and logic.

The cast is great – Katherine Heigl can play crazy pretty damned well (not mention she’s pretty pretty), Jordana Brewster gets nearly fully nude (okay it’s a body double but I don’t care because my imagination is awesome, and Patrick Wilson the razor sharp lead man from Stretch
In support we get Jim Belushi, Kevin Mc “Freakin” Kidd (Dog Soldiers yo!), and A.J. Buckley (Big bad on Justified season 5). No bad, not bad at all. 
So after that we get the usual plotline of – husband cheats, blackmail ensues, wife decides to murder the slut, hilarity I mean cold blooded murder/butcher/mayhem etc. etc. 
Home Sweet Hell is plagued by a litany of problems but the primary one is the lack of empathy for anyone in the movie. Seriously, you can watch great actors do wonders with direction and dialogue all day long but if we don’t give two shits about them by the end of the movie then something failed. 

Do you recommend this movie? 

No. I mean any movie is worth watching once, just don’t pay money to see it. 

Is there nudity? 

Like I said above, Jordana Brewster has a nice body double show off a hairline nipple and a couple a hot ass cheeks. 

To give me an idea of what this movie is like, what can you compare it with? 

Very Bad Things, although VBT is able to pull off the morbid humour with ease compared to Home Sweet Hell.

Where can I watch it? 

Anywhere you don’t have spend your hard earned bills. 

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