gif – Truly Horrific Hidden Meanings (Part 1)

In our newest segment The Butcher and I will examine some popular gif files and give you truly horrific hidden meaning.

1st… The Exorcist 

Matt: This scene never made it into the original cut of the film because the true horror lies in the night gown Linda Blair is wearing. Sure it was 1973 but word has it that the MPA was worried the outfit would cause little kids too many nightmares so a reluctant William Friedkin removed it in the end. 

The Butcher: I’m actually more horrified by the reverse crab walk. The only other women I’ve ever known who could pull that off were some hookers I ran into in ‘Nam. Don’t think Blatty wanted people thinking his demon was actually the spirit of some Thai hooker looking for some payback. 

2nd… Paranormal Activity 2

Matt: The true horror here is wondering how long that kid went with a shitty diaper. I mean that place must have stunk like a Sao Paulo.

The Butcher: No, no, no. This is an amazing found footage shot of a mother involuntarily saving herself from the terror of changing a poopy diaper. See how her body just says, “NO!” and forces her out of the room. 

3rd… The Fly (1986)

Matt: Well this one is obviously a PSA aimed at illustrating the horrors of oral sex. Here that kids, oral sex will make you look like Jeff Goldblum. 

The Butcher: Public Service Announcement is correct but it’s not an anti sex campaign. It’s clearly designed as a “how not to transport your donor sample to the sperm bank.” 

4th… Hellraiser

Matt: It’s frightful how many people don’t exercise safety with power tools. At least he got the measurements right.

The Butcher: Agreed. You hit the nail on the head. 

5th…The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

Matt: The perils of using Chiropractic medicine revealed! 

The Butcher: Naw, this one is simple – Don’t sleep with your sister. Period. 

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