Cockneys vs Zombies – Raw Review

Zombies invade the east end of london taking on bank robbers, gangbangers and old folks trapped inside their home.

Cockney: a person from the East End of London.

Yes, a movie about East End Londoners fighting off zombies! Or as the film puts it – Abercrombies vs Trafalgers!
Never expect much out of a movie that contains ‘vs’ in the title. The neverending string of Godzilla vs ‘monster’ movies spanning back to the 1950s should’ve driven this point home by now; if not there is always the current spat of Sci-Fi original movies using ‘vs’ and ‘mega’ in every single title to make us think twice about watching.
You can think twice about watching this one but you’ll be missing out on the best British zom-com since Shaun of the Dead. Actually, it may be the first British zom-com since Shaun of the Dead for all I know. No matter, the film speaks for itself.
Basic plot – A bank robbery, zombie outbreak, old folks home under siege.
Any Bubba Ho-Tep fans out there? A lot of similarities to be had in this one.
Favorite quote: “Suck on my fucking chocolate stick!”
Zombie myth busted; It’s plausible for an old man with a walker to outrun a zombie horde. At least across the yard.
Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Yea. It’s a lot of fun and there are enough laughs to keep you smiling.
Q: Appropriate for kids?
A: It’s gory and they drop enough swear words to pack the coin jar, but it’s not racy or otherwise out of line. Live a little.
Q: Anyone I know in it?
A: Alan Ford. Better known as Brick Top
Q: So should I see this?
A: Absolutely, it’s an evening well spent.

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