Movie Review – Antisocial (2013)

zombie type thriller with end of the world and blood and axe killing

Limited budget and poor acting does not always keep a film from sucking ass. 

Case in point – Antisocial. Yet another installment in the neverending sub-sub-superdub-genre that is rage related pandemic, end of world, apocalyptic not really zombies because they aren’t dead, but are just as mean and nasty, horror films.

Antisocial is fairly derivative, and if you read any reviews on IMDB or Amazon this becomes clear immediately. It seems the standard review format nowadays is to state up front if the movie is good or bad, then list a few of the actors, and finally make a comparison to another film with  similar plot.

This review format is nothing but laziness and short sighted analysis and a shortcut to thinking.

So here goes…

Antisocial is not a bad movie. It leaves a lot to be desired but in the end it’s entertaining and suspenseful in places, and has a handful of shots that are really clever and add a lot to an otherwise pedestrian movie.

The film stars Adam Christie, Michelle Mylett, Cody Ray Thompson and several others you’ve never heard of before.

The premise to the film is a viral infection that turns people crazy. Five friends are partying on New Year’s Eve and have to survive, yada yada. It’s a cross between The Signal, 28 Days Later, The Cell (Stephen King book), The Social Network, and a dash of Videodrome.

Sound interesting? It’s alright, better than having a hole drilled in your head.

Book Reviews On The Way

After careful consideration on whether or not to include book reviews on this blog we’ve come to conclusion the cool shit is, in fact, cool shit regardless of the format.

Reading certainly isn’t as popular as watching movies and TV programs, or playing video games. We know this, we understand words are scary.

Scary or not we are going to begin providing reviews of books and short stories that fall within the scope and/or theme of this site. There is already a page detailing several highly recommended books, and although it also serves as a plug for our amazon associates page, we wouldn’t have placed the recommendations there if we didn’t truly love them and want to spread them to the rest of the world.

So if you are a reader, or at least literate enough to enjoy the written word from time to time please take a look at our book reviews when they post. Most are available on Kindle for a decent price and all of them have stories and worlds any insane person would love to get lost inside.

Thank you.

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Mad Max Fury Road —- I think I just had an orgasm.

Let’s get one thing straight, The Road Warrior is the very best movie to ever come from the land down under. Period. 

Mel Gibson will forever be Max and G.I. Joe toys were only ever fun when playing out the final tanker chase all over the house.
Reboots, remakes, re-imaginings, bah. They are nothing more than Hollywood’s attempt to cash in on the past with little risk. Ya know, like risk vs reward. 
So don’t try and sway me with this new Mad Ma…. wait… is that Tom Hardy? Hmmm…

Oh my jesus lord. I’ve had an orgasm.
sci-fi, horror, alien, scarjo, indie horror, disturbing

Under the Skin – Raw Review

Naked Alien Eats Men

Ahhhhh… extensive nudity, disturbing imagery, and a near lack of exposition make Under the Skin is one helluva interesting film.

Under the skin poster art scarjo
Read any review on any website and it becomes clear that either people love or hate the film. Not a lot of middle ground exists on this one and that’s not surprising given the style and execution.

Note: I feel compelled to address anyone who is only interested in seeing Scarlett Johansson fully nude (because you totally do!). Find the pictures or gifs online, don’t waste time watching the whole movie. If all you’re after is quick thrill the story/theme/concept will pass right by you, then you’ll feel compelled to write a shitty review based on nothing and who wants to read that.

I digress. Movie review. Focus… Ok, the movie is…

Boy being eaten by alien fluid in Under her skin movie

In a word… disturbing. More disturbing than this one. The film is disturbing for several reasons. First, the idea is altogether creepy if you’re a guy who likes to cruise bars and pick up women. Second, there is a scene on a beach that is nearly unwatchable if you have small kids and/or a dog. It’s necessary to the theme and it works. Oh god does it work. Just be warned.

Scarjo checking out the human world.

The scenes in the van were shot with hidden cam, the men being picked up aren’t actors. I know crazy right, but it makes the scenes more believable. Here’s a good analysis if you’re so inclined.

The cinematography is amazing, and relevant so pay attention.

Universe communication between aliens

What is the story about?

Predator vs Prey. Humanity. Empathy. Stuff like that.

Do you get to see ScarJo nude?

Please see my note above.

Is it a good film?

It’s a well made film that is very thought provoking. You’ll either get it or you won’t, but either way I don’t see this being re-watched on a regular basis.

How about children. Can I let my kids watch this film?

I wouldn’t, and I generally don’t have an issue with kids watching most horror movies. I started with Dawn of the Dead at six years old and I turned out o.k. I think. No, this movie not only has a lot of nudity but some of the scenes are very disturbing, and very realistic. Keep the kids away.

All Cheerleaders Die – Raw Review

Sex, Drugs and Supernatural Slice and Dice!

I’m trying the think of a really good way to encapsulate the plot of All Cheerleaders Die. Ya know the standard “It’s X meets Y for the new generation” pitch that so many writers and agents built their careers on. The best I can think of is something along the lines of…

“A cross between Heathers, The Craft, Bring It On and  Dead Girl.”

I hate to say too much because there are several turns and a couple twists that work much better if you go into the film blind. Just know the film does a great job blending standard high school tropes with blood, death, and a dash of the supernatural.

One final note… good horror films provide well timed comic breaks for the audience. It’s necessary to allow people a chance to catch their breath, collect themselves, and above all smile. All Cheerleaders Die is able to do this exceptionally well through the use of it’s soundtrack. What is otherwise a fairly grim film becomes a genre blending dark comedy due to some well placed and eclectic choices in music. The movie also benefits largely from some terrific acting by the main antagonist.

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Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Not sure why this question keeps coming up. I’d say yes for the casual date, or definitely if you’ve finally decided to ask out your best friend whom you’ve had a crush on for years and knows all about your obsession with John Hughes and George Romero.

Q: Dead Girl? How is it similar!?
A: Take a guess…

Q: Do all the cheerleaders really die?
A: Yes and no. Sort of.

Q: Where?

A: Netflix.

Come To The Land Of Ice And Snow…and blood and guts…

Post apocalypse ice world where only survivors are on board a high speed train.

Snowpiercer is post-apocalypse done right. 

How many dystopian future movies are there? I can think of two dozen right off the top of my head, yet I can’t think of a single one as original as Snowpiercer.

Taking place in the near future, the last remnants of humanity are riding around the world on a high speed train, because why not. Right? I mean you might as well see the world in it’s death throws. That’s if you’re privileged enough to have windows.

Dismiss anything you hear about this movie from friends, family members, critics, your dentist, the twelve year old next door, Facebook, all of them. You’re going to get a huge range of reviews. Most will enjoy it for the action and intrigue. Others will latch on to the underlying theme and drone on and on about how profound this film is. OK, great let them profound, let the others rave about how good Chris Evans looks drenched in blood, that’s fine. Just remember this…

Snowpiercer is a powerful film. Well acted, well written, and well put together. It’s premise is built on man’s desire to survive in the face of man’s inhumanity to man, or something like that. Did that make sense?

Anyway, it’s a great movie that will appeal to a range of viewers. So grab the popcorn and have a look see.

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Chris Evans is enough to turn any woman on, so it’s not a bad choice.

Q: Is the movie preachy?
A: No, not at all.  Unless you are an America-centric conservative who believes anything that discusses class inequality is directed at them.

Q: Isn’t the director that Korean guy?
A: Yes, and that makes it even better.

Q: Where can I rent it?
A: Amazon Prime has it for rent and sale. Probably be available on Redbox soon. I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find it.