The biggest question I had going into this film was whether or not it was possible to stuff 90 minutes of entertainment into a box big enough to fit Ryan Reynolds. The answer is yes, you can fit quite a lot of entertainment into a box that big.

I’m not sure what I expected going into this movie other than a strong sociopolitical message masquerading as a Hitchcock style thriller. What I got was a decent, suspense driven film, with just enough creativity to keep it interesting for the duration. Reynolds keeps the film moving with his above par acting and the screenplay is fairly clever given the limitations inherent in this type of movie.

I know a lot has been made of the ‘anti-war’ message, yada yada yada. Yes, there are a couple of overtly political points in the film, but who the hell cares. The movie is really well done, very suspenseful, and doesn’t cheat the audience in the end.

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: Yes, a well done thriller with a cleaver, intelligent screenplay, and an above average performance by Reynolds.

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Intense, claustrophobic, and intelligent… yes I think it makes a good date movie, just make it your 3rd or 4th date.

Q: Is the movie too preachy in its political tones?
A: I guess that depends on how sensitive your are to the subject. There really are only two scenes that are blatant, the rest is simply situation which works well and isn’t overly in your face. The film could just as easily take place in Mexico than Iraq.

Q: Where did you see it?
A: Blu-ray from Netfix.

Ahhh! Zombies!!! – Raw Review

Zombies hold one of two perspectives and are sympathetic. Zom-com that works well with black and white and color.

a.k.a Wasting Away

This film falls square in the middle of the zom-com genre with its fresh take on the ever over done zombie outbreak story.

Some might say that the gimmicks this film relies on are in no way original or innovative. To that I say… who gives a crap. Entertainment is in the eye of the beholder and this movie really is entertaining for the most part.

The story is told from the perspective of the zombies, which in itself isn’t really that original, however what does work well is the use of black and white verse color to differentiate between the two perspectives. I’m not going to spoil it by telling more – just trust me that it works and works well. Unfortunately the film is carried by a mediocre script that loses fuel toward the end.

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: Its not bad. Anyone into the zom-com genre will enjoy it.

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Actually, yeah. There is a romantic sub-plot that will appeal to most.

Q: Is this a good movie for kids?
A: Its pretty tame so watching it with your kids shouldn’t cause any nightmares.

Q: How does it hold up to Romero?
A: Trust me, there’s always room in hell for zombies like this.


Martyrs (2008)

Two girls are tortured when young, escape and find those responsible. Then they kill everyone in a bloody gore infested horror scene, then get caught and tortured again.

Tour De Force That is All At Once Brutal and Beautiful

This film is one of the most intelligent films I have seen in recent years. The beauty is dressed neatly in a suit of violence and brutality that is hard to find in most contemporary films, including many in the torture porn genre.

The premise revolves around two young girls who seek out revenge for brutal acts committed against them as children. Sound too heavy for you? Well be prepared because you’ll be shocked by how hard this film punches you in the gut. Violence is quick, bloody, and almost without reason during the first half of the film. If you stick with it into the second half your resolve will pay off in spades. The story draws in and begins to come full circle shedding light on everything previously seen in the movie.

I’m not saying you’ll have a religious experience, but what appears to be another ‘violence for the sake of violence’ film isn’t at all what you end up with. This is an incredibly existential film that will keep you thinking about it for quite a long time.

French movie about two girls tormented as children seeking revenge and violence.

Q: Is this a good film?

A: Yes, it is an extremely intelligent film. Well acted, well directed, but very violent.

Q: Is this a good date movie?

A: Negative. I’d avoid seeing this with a date unless your both philosophy majors who like to have long deep debates on the meaning of life.

Q: Is there nudity in this film?

A: Yeah a bit, but its situational not sexy.

Q: Should I let my kids watch this film?

A: I grew up watching blood and guts at an early age but I’d avoid letting the young ones see this. Not because of the violence, more because they will probably miss the meaning behind the movie.

Q: Is this film subtitled?

A: Yes, it is a French film and it does have subtitles. Don’t be so lazy!

Dead Girl (2008) Raw Review

Necrophilia Was Never So Disturbing. 

So what would you do if you found a sexy, naked, dead woman chained to a bed in the basement of an abandoned mental hospital?

Seriously, what would you do? She looks alive but isn’t. Does that mean the normal rules of law and order, not to mention morality, don’t apply to your actions?

Well this is the premise the audience is presented with in this film. You could argue that it glorifies rape, bondage, and sociopathic behavior in young people; or you could just watch the movie for its entertainment value. The movie is definitely graphic and disturbing at times. Not as disturbing as Human Centipede but close enough. Don’t get too wrapped up in analyzing this film, just enjoy it for what it is – a horror movie with an incredibly original idea and great execution.

Dead girl, movie, review, zombie, necrophilia, horror, thriller, high school
What is necrophilia? 

Q: Is this a good movie?

A: A solid storyline and decent acting make this quite a good film. Recommend you see it at least once. 

Q: Is this a good date movie?

A: Only if your date gets turned on by necrophilia.

Q: Is there nudity in it?

A: Yes, yes, yes, and yes. Gratuitous sex and nudity.

Q: Is this a zombie film?

A: I suppose technically it is but not a traditional zombie film.

Q: Where can I see it?

A: Blu-ray and dvd. I saw it for sale at Best Buy awhile back.

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