The biggest question I had going into this film was whether or not it was possible to stuff 90 minutes of entertainment into a box big enough to fit Ryan Reynolds. The answer is yes, you can fit quite a lot of entertainment into a box that big.

I’m not sure what I expected going into this movie other than a strong sociopolitical message masquerading as a Hitchcock style thriller. What I got was a decent, suspense driven film, with just enough creativity to keep it interesting for the duration. Reynolds keeps the film moving with his above par acting and the screenplay is fairly clever given the limitations inherent in this type of movie.

I know a lot has been made of the ‘anti-war’ message, yada yada yada. Yes, there are a couple of overtly political points in the film, but who the hell cares. The movie is really well done, very suspenseful, and doesn’t cheat the audience in the end.

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: Yes, a well done thriller with a cleaver, intelligent screenplay, and an above average performance by Reynolds.

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Intense, claustrophobic, and intelligent… yes I think it makes a good date movie, just make it your 3rd or 4th date.

Q: Is the movie too preachy in its political tones?
A: I guess that depends on how sensitive your are to the subject. There really are only two scenes that are blatant, the rest is simply situation which works well and isn’t overly in your face. The film could just as easily take place in Mexico than Iraq.

Q: Where did you see it?
A: Blu-ray from Netfix.

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