Book Review – The Frozen Sky by Jeff Carlson

Action packed science fiction thriller.


The Frozen Sky by Jeff Carlson is a fine example of how the price of a book can result in a wonderful read and discovery of a new favorite. Let’s not kid ourselves, books are expensive. You may not agree with such a generalization but money is money and out of pocket costs for entertainment demand return on investment.

In this case the price is what resulted in the purchase. $3.99 for an e-book isn’t too bad, and certainly isn’t a gouge by the publisher (as so many other book prices clearly are). So once the book was downloaded and opened and the words began to spill out off the pages several things became instantly clear.

First, Jeff Carlson can write. Maybe not the best in the business, but the ability to write well stands out in the crowd, and Carlson has skill.

Second, The story is hard science fiction. Before anyone starts throwing rotten lettuce and tomatoes, the differing positions on what constitutes ‘hard science’ in novels is understood by the meat men here at Raw Movie Reviews. Our position is this – the story is closer to hard science than no science or pseudo-science or christian science, or Scientology. So drop it and move on to the next point, which is…

Third, the story is great. It’s intriguing from the first sentence. The action begins and doesn’t really stop. The points of view are extremely limited establishing the feeling of isolation that is critical to the tone and really helps set the stage for the entire story.

For the price it’s more than worth the read. Bonus – if you have Amazon Prime you can check it our for free. Awesome right? What don’t have Amazon Prime? You should… click here.

Q: What’s the story?
A: It’s a first contact story on Jupiter’s moon Europa.

Q: Is it hard science fiction?
A: You’re just trying to start an argument. 😛 We stick my tongues out at you.  …and waggle several other tongues we have lying around the shop.

Q: Has Carlson written anything else of note?
A: This is the only book we’ve read by this author, however we just discovered he has written a squeal to this book. So now we have a new book to read. Yay!

Q: Is there nudity??
A; Dude it’s a book.

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