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Shut Up and Take My Money!

Today’s Amazon Deal is Hard to Beat

With confirmation that Pacific Rim 2 coming (Yay!) it makes sense that endless versions of the Pacific Rim Blu-ray are being released. Money money money, right? Well in this case the deal includes a badass statuette of the Gypsy Danger. 

Seriously, who doesn’t want this thing? 

The Strain

Three episodes in and @TheStrainFX holding it’s own. #vampires #GuillermoDelToro
— Raw Movie Review (@RawMovieReviews) July 30, 2014

Three episodes in and The Strain is turning out to be fairly decent. The show is a slow burn, building characters, establishing plot points, setting all the pieces in their proper place. 

Guillermo Del Toro so far is proving that sometimes the film is better than the book. 

Zombie Night — Not the worst of the Asylum Films. I think.

zombies eat people in asylum film

Here is an equation review of Zombie Night:


(still with me?) plus…

(still with me????) then…


Confusing? Yep. 

Q: Was it that bad?
A: Yeah, it was.

Q: But there are so many actors in it, how can it be that bad?
A: When you spend all your money on name recognition and little on the screenplay. Well, eh.

Q: John Gulager directed this? Name sounds familiar…
A: Directed Feast on the last season of Project Greenlight. Feast is a much much better movie.

Q: Was the writing really that bad?
A: Let me put it this way…

Mad Max Fury Road —- I think I just had an orgasm.

Let’s get one thing straight, The Road Warrior is the very best movie to ever come from the land down under. Period. 

Mel Gibson will forever be Max and G.I. Joe toys were only ever fun when playing out the final tanker chase all over the house.
Reboots, remakes, re-imaginings, bah. They are nothing more than Hollywood’s attempt to cash in on the past with little risk. Ya know, like risk vs reward. 
So don’t try and sway me with this new Mad Ma…. wait… is that Tom Hardy? Hmmm…

Oh my jesus lord. I’ve had an orgasm.

Under the Skin – Raw Review

Naked Alien Eats Men

Ahhhhh… extensive nudity, disturbing imagery, and a near lack of exposition make Under the Skin is one helluva interesting film.

Under the skin poster art scarjo
Read any review on any website and it becomes clear that either people love or hate the film. Not a lot of middle ground exists on this one and that’s not surprising given the style and execution.

Note: I feel compelled to address anyone who is only interested in seeing Scarlett Johansson fully nude (because you totally do!). Find the pictures or gifs online, don’t waste time watching the whole movie. If all you’re after is quick thrill the story/theme/concept will pass right by you, then you’ll feel compelled to write a shitty review based on nothing and who wants to read that.

I digress. Movie review. Focus… Ok, the movie is…

Boy being eaten by alien fluid in Under her skin movie

In a word… disturbing. More disturbing than this one. The film is disturbing for several reasons. First, the idea is altogether creepy if you’re a guy who likes to cruise bars and pick up women. Second, there is a scene on a beach that is nearly unwatchable if you have small kids and/or a dog. It’s necessary to the theme and it works. Oh god does it work. Just be warned.

Scarjo checking out the human world.

The scenes in the van were shot with hidden cam, the men being picked up aren’t actors. I know crazy right, but it makes the scenes more believable. Here’s a good analysis if you’re so inclined.

The cinematography is amazing, and relevant so pay attention.

Universe communication between aliens

What is the story about?

Predator vs Prey. Humanity. Empathy. Stuff like that.

Do you get to see ScarJo nude?

Please see my note above.

Is it a good film?

It’s a well made film that is very thought provoking. You’ll either get it or you won’t, but either way I don’t see this being re-watched on a regular basis.

How about children. Can I let my kids watch this film?

I wouldn’t, and I generally don’t have an issue with kids watching most horror movies. I started with Dawn of the Dead at six years old and I turned out o.k. I think. No, this movie not only has a lot of nudity but some of the scenes are very disturbing, and very realistic. Keep the kids away.