Book Reviews On The Way

After careful consideration on whether or not to include book reviews on this blog we’ve come to conclusion the cool shit is, in fact, cool shit regardless of the format.

Reading certainly isn’t as popular as watching movies and TV programs, or playing video games. We know this, we understand words are scary.

Scary or not we are going to begin providing reviews of books and short stories that fall within the scope and/or theme of this site. There is already a page detailing several highly recommended books, and although it also serves as a plug for our amazon associates page, we wouldn’t have placed the recommendations there if we didn’t truly love them and want to spread them to the rest of the world.

So if you are a reader, or at least literate enough to enjoy the written word from time to time please take a look at our book reviews when they post. Most are available on Kindle for a decent price and all of them have stories and worlds any insane person would love to get lost inside.

Thank you.

-Matt and The Butcher-

LEGO Never Fails To Be Awesome

Guardians of the Galaxy opens tonight at midnight and although you’re probably either standing in line for the show or just sick and tired of seeing new trailers, this LEGO video is guaranteed to increase your excitement ten fold. 

We must have this LEGO set now. 

Oh Sleepy Hollow How We’ve Missed You!

New Zombie Show Coming To SyFy – Z Nation

Lots and lots of zombies coming this season. 

That’s not a bad thing.