Ahhh! Zombies!!! – Raw Review

Zombies hold one of two perspectives and are sympathetic. Zom-com that works well with black and white and color.

a.k.a Wasting Away

This film falls square in the middle of the zom-com genre with its fresh take on the ever over done zombie outbreak story.

Some might say that the gimmicks this film relies on are in no way original or innovative. To that I say… who gives a crap. Entertainment is in the eye of the beholder and this movie really is entertaining for the most part.

The story is told from the perspective of the zombies, which in itself isn’t really that original, however what does work well is the use of black and white verse color to differentiate between the two perspectives. I’m not going to spoil it by telling more – just trust me that it works and works well. Unfortunately the film is carried by a mediocre script that loses fuel toward the end.

Q: Is this a good movie?
A: Its not bad. Anyone into the zom-com genre will enjoy it.

Q: Is this a good date movie?
A: Actually, yeah. There is a romantic sub-plot that will appeal to most.

Q: Is this a good movie for kids?
A: Its pretty tame so watching it with your kids shouldn’t cause any nightmares.

Q: How does it hold up to Romero?
A: Trust me, there’s always room in hell for zombies like this.


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